Monday, November 19, 2007

I love you more...

I know there is something hiding in this package for me, where is it!
Because every little girl should have a pink kitchen at 2!
I am the birthday girl!
Two is kind of hard!

" Happy to me!" (and this is how she says it!)
Kisses to all
I am TWO cute!
Happy to me, happy to me..
And she could not wait to blow the candles out!

Oh, I can hardly believe it! 2, my baby is TWO! Terrifyingly, terrifically, TWO!!! I often blog about how spicy our Sage is, but she is also SO sweet! Someone at church made a comment one day and said, "Sage is the poster child for adoption". And she just is. She LOVES everyone, and knows no stranger. And if you think you are going to get by her w/ out saying hi, think again! She can't hardly stand it if someone ignores her. We all say here, "who is cute" and in her sweet Sagey voice she yells ME! She is a people person and just happy. Some Sage stuff for 2

  • She talks, ALOT! And her voice is NOT quiet! I am amazed by how many things she says now. To many words to even count. I love you and hug me are our favorites to hear.

  • She asks to sit on the potty, but when you are a spicy girl, sitting does not last long!

  • LOVES to read. Which is the ONLY thing that gets her to sit for any length of time.

  • Dia(dora) is her favorite. She likes the show for background noise, but is very excited to see anything w/ her on it.

  • Still attached to the mer mer(pacifier) we TRY to only let her have it when in bed or for car rides. When I walk into her room in the morning, she throws it down in bed and says night night mer mer. And in the car as soon as we stop she hands it to me, here mama. Maybe by 3 it will be gone!

  • She is an AWESOME sleeper, praise the Lord! When you live life as full as she does, you can only CRASH to get your energy back up!
  • Enjoys art, mainly drawing on herself or any other object besides paper, but we are proud of her creative abilities to find all those amazing places to draw! ;)
  • Can dress herself and is quite excited about that.
  • Has a very strong opinion of what she wants and does not want.
  • Is a HUGE daddy's girl. And Papa's girl.

Sage ChenYi Mae, my 2 year old. Delivered to us straight from the hands of a loving Father. A Father who loves her more. He made her for this family and she is more than we could have ever imagined. Happy Birthday Baby Girl!


the gove family said...

Hey Sage! I am coming over to play with your pink kitchen! love, Evie p.s. keep it quiet, I haven't told my parents yet, but I'll figure out a way :) Happy Birthday!!!

Esther said...

Ni Hao, Shannon!!!

I am Shane's friend from the seminary(dunno if he has ever mentioned about me). I just want to tell you how BLESSED I am to be introduced to your blog. Not long ago, I spent 2+ hours reading almost all of your blog...through your words from the heart and the wonderful pictures, I feel as I am growing with you all too! Thank you for showing me the love of Christ by adopting Sage. She is SURELY blessed to be in your family. I pray that as she grow in wisdom and stature, she will also grow in favor with God and men!

God bless!
Thank you!