Friday, November 02, 2007

All I want for Christmas?

Sawyer has had his front tooth hanging on by a thread for awhile now. He would not bob for apples at Trunk or Treat, for fear of losing it! (He swallowed one tooth at school last year, he will never forget that!) So yesterday he ran in, full of a bloody hand and his front tooth! He was counting down the minutes until bedtime so that he could slide that tooth under his pillow and wait for the tooth fairy. Bedtime came, we went to get the tooth that mommy had so carefully put into a small cup on the counter and it was GONE! Dad gets on these cleaning kicks every once in awhile and he just starts throwing away, does not look, just tosses. Of course he did not remember a little cup on the counter in his frenzy of cleaning. And I was NOT going to let my son go to bed w/ out that tooth under that pillow! So, we began to dig through the LARGE trash bag FULL of trash in the kitchen. Mark knew the odds were against him, and I could see him sweating! But praise the Lord, I FOUND the tooth! How, I am still not sure. You realize how tiny those teeth are when you are DIGGING through trash. So nasty. Mommy saves the day, and Sawyer is happy. Dad is happy to because he said if that tooth was lost, he knew he was going to get a mean blog all about him and never live it down in Sunday school class on Sunday. As if I am the type, ha!

Sawyer is hoping his second loose one will fall out so he can sing All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah for Sawyer!