Saturday, November 03, 2007

Sage meets Annah!

Sweet Friends!
Abby and Lainey
Kylah(a spicy girl!) and Kenzie

Giving Kisses
Last weekend we were able to meet Annah! We just love seeing Kathy & her family and it was especially sweet to finally see Ms Annah Blu! Oh and she is a sweetie! She is 2 months younger than Sage, but quite a bit bigger. She looks so good and healthy! She and Sage had fun playing, and Malaine was in heaven having 3 girls her age to play with. The older 2 want to know when we are going to get adoption friends who have kids their age! ;)

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Mom to my China Posse said...

Love the pictures, and wqe had a fun day as well.
Hey, I put a link to your blog on mine, I hope thats ok, if not let me know and I'll take it off.