Friday, November 02, 2007

The shirt says it ALL!!!

And if she was, I would be the one needing a rubber room!
Who me, I am a sweet Angel! Girls just want to have fun!
Well Mommy, you NEVER said only wash your hair IN the bathtub!

And bubbles in the sink are FUN! So is that squirty bottle of soap.

Ms Spice is wearing me out. Is it that I am older now? 4 children? Homeschooling? Or is it that she just truly is a Spicy girl? These are pictures from just this week. So far we

  • jumped off a glass coffee table onto our booty.

  • found soap and tried to wash our own hair.

  • climbed up on the counter and took a dive into the bathtub during bath.

  • climbed up on the bar stool and fell OVER the counter into the sink full of water, after squirting the Dawn all over her pants.

Mark and I go to bed at night and we just lay there and laugh, and PRAY that we (and she) will survive tomorrow. I really do watch my children by the way. But a mom does have to use the potty sometimes or help someone else go potty or well you know, just be a mom! If we could just lock her in a rubber room for the next year, life might be easier!

After telling my mom about Sage's hair washing episode, she says. "It is amazing, you did not give birth to her and she STILL has your genes!"


Anonymous said...

Shannon, I have a busy bee as well but shes a Jiangxi baby. As a Mom to 1 Spicy baby from Hunan, 2 extra Spicy ones from Jiangxi, and 1 little Fulinger I have to say they all seem extra spicy to me. I sure hope its a phase they grow out of soon because I am getting so tired. lol.......


Beverly said...

How did I miss this? What great stories of the spicey girl.