Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Is This Normal?

If you know me, you know every change of season I am not fun to be around and all i do is complain about switching out closets. I HATE that job! We have decided to De junk our house, and we started with the clothes. I am a huge packrat, I won't deny it. i can look at an outfit that was Makennas as a baby and remember who gave it to me and why they gave it to me. So, I tend to hang on to everything. Well, it HAS to stop! Our storage is overflowing w/ clothes. I keep looking at those baby clothes and I just have a hard time letting go! And then the other bins, that will get used again, it is just a mess. So I bought me a fun little label maker and we pulled ALL the bins out of the basement and we worked away. We took lots of trashbags to the goodwill, and every box now has a label on it. The pictures above are when we were almost finished, I wish I had taken a before shot! Mark said in the middle of the mountains of clothes, can you imagine adding another set of clothes? I said, well we have every size for boy or girl, why not?



Anonymous said...

You definitely have the Goleaner genes.

Jennifer said...

Yes this is normal!!!! Esp. with 4 kids. I can honestly tell you I think the clothes multiply on their own!!