Thursday, January 07, 2010

First Snow & Organizing Snow "stuff"

The kids were very excited to get a little snow here today. The little girls had a snow day from pre-school, and the big kids insisted it was "totally not fair that everyone else is out of school and I would even THINK of making them do school!" And to be honest, Mark has been gone all week and I am on a big organizing kick, so it did not take long to convince me we could all use a day off!

It took F.O.R.E.V.E.R to dig out everything. Find what would fit who, finding enough to go around, not a fun job! So I was determined that we were coming up w/ a system, pronto! After the fun of course.
They look ready for fun don't they?
And tired of having pictures taken as Sawyer is telling me "Lets get this show on the road!"
Some might have been a little more anxious than others. Mavery could be screaming because she got stuck with the old boy coat. Nah, she is just tired of waiting to get outside stuck in 2000 layers. Well that and she looks like this most of the time. Precious little angel child. ;-)
Out, and baby it is COLD out there! For this cold we would certainly enjoy MORE snow!
Sledding down our front hill. Our small hill with not enough snow. We have the worst wind up on this hill. Brrr!
A snowman! He might be tiny, but isn't he cute? You will notice that I took the back of the snowman. I was not about to walk around to the front, no thank you!
First child in, looking a little frozen and ready for some hot chocolate!
Sage wanted to keep her snow gear on for the whole evening. We had to convince her she could not eat soup in gloves, but oh she was determined!
So here is what I came up with to "try" to keep their snow stuff organized so that next time we venture out, it won't take hours to find the stuff! I hung each coat and pants on a hanger. Took a baggie, wrote their name on it. In the bag I put their snow gloves, hat and scarf. Then just poked the hanger through the bag so it stays together. I wish I could figure out how to attach boots to the hanger! If you have less than 5 children, and especially if you have less than 4 girls, this is probably not an issue for you. And I realize I am more organizationally challenged than most! I have tried to convince Mark that it would be so much fun to have a row of lockers in the basement to hold their snow gear. He finds that to be a waste of time and space for our once a year snow. He is never on board with my great ideas!

I hope that you all are staying warm! My thoughts and prayers have been with those that I know do not have heat, or even a home in this weather. I can't even imagine and pray that shelter will be found.


Anonymous said...

I love the organization ideas, i too am always looking for new tips. Keep posting them.
Hope you are having a good winter. I love the lastest pics of the kids---they look so cute and happy.

Renee S

annaliese said...

that is a LOT of snow stuff! good job organizing it--I think the lockers are a great idea, too! and you could use them year round for other stuff--maybe hobby lockers--to hold the gear for the sport of the moment (soccer shoes and pads, ballet bags...etc.)

and hey! send some of that snow this way--you may not have much--but we have NONE :( !!! :)

Anonymous said...

Mavery's face is priceless!