Saturday, January 09, 2010

A Stitch Slumber Party

You might remember awhile back Makenna planned an American Girl Sleepover for Malaine. You can peek at it here. She decided to plan a party for the little girls and started with Sage. Which was a bad idea because Mavery could not grasp being left out! However, Sage LOVED it! She is still a huge stitch fan, I am certain it is because they share a certain spiciness to them! They made a stitch face, played some games, had ice cream to look like stitch (kind of!) and watched the movie together. The best though for Sage was getting to sleep on her floor w/ her biggest sister. What a treat! (we made certain Mavery did not know this was going on!) Makenna really is an amazing big sister and I would be lost with out her! She already has a party planned for Mavery coming soon. Stay tuned for her theme!


Amy said...

How sweet!

Anonymous said...

Agreed - she is a great big sister!