Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Laundry Room Makeover- Before

I have been on an organizing, decorating kick this year and this project has been on my radar since LAST year! As I was reading some decorating blogs, I noticed that many people actually painted their laundry room. Hung pictures, organized. Those blogs made me smile. And it made so much sense! A room that I am in ALOT, should make me happy to enter, right? And my laundry room did not make me smile. I can't stand laundry. It. Is. NEVER.ENDING! So I convinced Mark that I should at least make an effort to make this MY room. If I have to take ownership of the laundry mountains that fill our house, I can surely take ownership of the laundry room. He, of course, thought it was ridiculous that I would waste my time on a room that no one sees. He is obviously man. But he was kind enough to put together a few things for me, run and get the paint and not grumble to much.

This is a picture of the room as you enter. I have finally come up with a system for doing laundry that works well for us. Will share that sometime. Blah, isn't that depressing?
To the left, all my cleaning supplies, and well, junk.
This is to the right. I adore my new washer and dryer, but the rest, ridiculous.
And then facing out to the kitchen.
I am thankful to have a room for laundry, and it is in a perfect spot, right off the kitchen. But it tends to turn into a catch all. (sadly as do many rooms in my house) Stay tuned for the new, fun and happy place that almost makes me WANT to do laundry! ;-)


annaliese said...

aaaah! cliff hangar!!! :p you now have my full attention and I shall be stalking...er...checking in to find out what the makeover looks like! so proud of all your cleaning and organizing! wow!

Jodi Sue said...

I can't wait to see! Your laundry room is sooo big! I am so jealous! Mine is tiny with just walk through room - most laundry gets heaped in the garage! That's okay - at least it's not in the garage.