Thursday, January 28, 2010

Laundry Room Makeover-Reveal!

**If you click on the photos, you can enlarge them. **

If you missed the before photos of our laundry room, click here or just scroll down to the next post. It was bad, REALLY bad. I have been plotting to re do the room for a year. Finally Saturday, I sent Mark out for the paint. He is very thankful that my insanity is finally over. In that room anyways!

I had found a shower curtain at Kohls last year, and just loved it. I was pretty certain that Mark was not going to go for that in our bath, nor did we even need a shower curtain because of the shower doors. I was also very sure that I would scar Sawyer forever if I put it in the kids bath. So, why not use it in my laundry room! The room could certainly stand to be girlified for the GIRL who does laundry, right?

I had 2 curtains, cut off the bottoms and the side of one. Tied them with ribbon to a pole over the washer/dryer to hide the shelves behind. I also cleaned out those shelves, but I doubt you care what they look like! ;-)

Took the other part to use as a curtain over the window tossing out the dirty blinds. Used fabric I had left, to cover up the laundry basket. I had it tucked tight around that but it came loose when moving things around. I should sew it on, or in my world where I am lazy I simply use masking tape to hold fabric together. Terrible isn't it? But it works.

I want to get a vinyl quote for the wall, but for the time being just made the signs above the window. They say "The Laundry Room, Loads of Fun!"

Covered the ugly sink (which is really great to have, just not to look at) with fabric.

We bought this shelf to replace the open shelf. Made the pictures and just found the polka dot apron for only $5! Actually everything I bought for this room was $5 or less besides the curtains and the shelf. Alot of it I already had.

The verse is quite appropriate for a laundry room where clothes are washed for SEVEN, don't you think? I keep repeating it, over and over.

In case you are like my husband, and have no idea what these are, they are giant clothes pins. I found them at Marshalls on clearance. They were cream colored and cheap so I painted them and I think they turned out fun! No matter what my husband says! (to be honest I am not even sure they were clothes pins but they are now!)

A few people had suggested the laundry line idea. Thanks Colette for walking me through it! I really love how it turned out. On the back of those doors are mismatched socks and in the other we keep tape, scissors etc. Need to find a zebra stripe sock bag!

I just used black ribbon tacked to the wall. Cut out the dress from leftover shower curtain and zebra fabric. and the other accessories from the curtain. Had tiny clothes pins just painted them pink!

This is the last wall and I do have a plan. But it involves summer, mud and 5 children. Once I get that idea done, I will share!
There you have it. I have to say even Mark came in today and said he was going to put a chair in there to hide out and read! I do love it, and it was fun. I am still searching for a small (cheap) chandelier, a rug and an old fashioned wash board. (you know what i am talking about, the flat kind that I could paint and hang?)

Next project- Family Rules Canvas, can't wait!


annaliese said...

I am drooling! wow! so fun, so girly--I think even I would not mind laundry :) love, love it!! really great job, Shannon! :)

marianne said...

I LOVE your laundry room! I have been contemplating the same project, but have been too busy getting to China and back. NOW you have inspired me:) How is Mavery? She's such a cute JInhua baby!!! Hope all is well. They sure are growing fast!!

Love for Lilly Yin said...

Love it! I really love it! I am now inspired!!

Anonymous said...

Very cute Shannon. You did a great job of bringing everything together! Michelle

Jodi Sue said...

Awesome!!! How fun!! The cheery'ist laundry room I have ever seen!

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

It looks so bright, cheery and fun! I hope all is well over in IL. :)


Jana said...

SO, so cute!! It's inspired me to do something more personal in my OWN laundry room. Thanks for sharing!

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

Great job Shannon!! What a nice big laundry room, mine is so tiny! :-(
I love the shower curtain. What a fun project, thanks for sharing!

it is GIVEAWAY time on my blog again!! Stop by.

Anonymous said...

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