Saturday, July 03, 2010

Minnesota Day 1- Swimming Fun!

We were able to tag along with Mark on business for a week. Who can pass up a free hotel room? Especially when it is at the Mall of America??

Our first day we spent at the hotel while Mark worked. We just made it a pool/unpack and rest day. We had traveled all day Sunday and got in pretty late. We LOVED our van for the drive down. I guess just all that extra space dropped the noise level down a few notches. That and the kids being able to spread out. Though we did have issues that the back row's wireless headphones did not work, to far away??

We were in a Residence Inn which my kids always love for their great breakfast buffet. This hotel was connected to an indoor park and a huge indoor pool. What we did not know was that the complex also had a retirement community attached to it. And open swim was only at certain times. The kids enjoyed watching Water Aerobics done by a group. Let me tell you those people are serious about their lap swimming. It was to begin at 12 and at 1201 I was asked when I was leaving. We were not even in the laps! I sure hope when I am older I am not so crabby as some people are!! ;-)

We were starting the day off with a problem listening, so while some kids were able to do this right away..

Some had to sit on the bench for awhile. They look terribly sad do they not?

My little water bug

Remember how scared she used to be of the water? She loves to swim now and is happy she has graduated to floaties instead of a vest.

The class used these floats to work out, my kids used them to make a boat!
And work out!!

Today's meal was at Tuchi Benuch our FAVORITE Italian place in the mall. If you ever go, try the baked spaghetti, it is fabulous! All in all, a good day. A bit crowded in our room, but free IS free. ;-)

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