Thursday, July 08, 2010

Minnesota Day 3- American Girl!

On Wednesday of our trip, we spent part of the day swimming, and much of the day napping! For dinner we went to the mall and dined at American Girl. Last summer we took the older 2 girls to Chicago and ate at American Girl but the little girls had yet to go. We had given them the bitty twins for their birthdays, so they were really excited to take those with them to eat.

This location is much more casual than Chicago, which was probably good for the little girls.

I am thankful I took Makenna last summer. She enjoyed it last year. This year, while she went along, she was not nearly as excited. Which depresses me. How do they change from little girl, to not so little girl, that quickly?

They still have all the little fun touches.
Tea for your doll. In glass cups. Which is not so fun with certain 4 year olds.

Sage & "Lucy"
The dolls even get a dessert of whipped cream!
The park overlooks the park outside so that was much more exciting to the girls than their food.
After dinner they shopped. Which was stressful. They want it all! Finally Mavery settled on this outfit for "Emma".
Sage had no trouble choosing an outfit that looked like a bride dress for Lucy. This is also her bear she built, with a bride dress.

Malaine had a bit more of a struggle. She REALLY wanted the doll of the year, which is Lainey. And I did offer her an advance on her allowance. But she decided she would add her to the birthday wish list and bought the puppy Sugar instead along with a bag to hold her dolls. Lainey is only out for one year, so we know our Lainey really wants her!
Makenna did get some ear rings for her dolls to replace what her sisters had lost, but she was not willing to spend any of her own $ as her sisters did.
Sawyer & Mark enjoyed dinner at Famous Daves BBQ, for some reason they refused to eat with us!

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annaliese said...

what fun! we have not visited one of these huge American Girl stores yet, but I think a trip to the LA one is in our near future :) love the photos of your trip! so wish we could see you all again this year!