Thursday, July 15, 2010

Minnesota Day 4- Nickolodean Universe!

(hopefully before summer offically ends I will finish up our JUNE trip!)

Finally, the day they had waited all week for, RIDES! I really like this park. We have always gone during the week, and have barely waited in a line, which is a HUGE plus to me. No need for a fast pass! But the best thing? AIR CONDITIONED! So, no lines and no heat, makes it perfect to me!

The AirBender. I did not venture on this with the oldest 2. I figured since I was almost sick on the swings, this would do me in!

We have quite a mix in our children. The 2 oldest will ride anything, and I do mean ANYTHING. Sawyer might be a bit cautious but can typically be talked into a ride. Then you have Malaine who is happy to ride the merry go round! Sage & Mavery would surprise you. Sage, is fine with just sitting on the side watching every one else ride. She will ride the kiddy rides, for the most part, but nothing to scary. Mavery, likes most rides, but sadly will not be able to ride alot of things due to her heart.

Sage wanted to ride the kiddy bouncing thing. No pause, just walked right on. (she is next to Malaine in photo) And then it began. I am almost certain that you might have heard her screaming here at home! They stopped the ride and let her off but it took her awhile to get over that one. ;-)
So sad!

Mavery & Malaine loved it!

Malaines favorite was the roller coaster that took you all the way through the park. She even rode it by herself at one point, so I do have to say she IS getting braver. It is probably a good thing she is not quite ready for the huge thrill rides. She is so small that it will be quite some time before she is tall enough for many things!

All of the Nickelodeon characters, and again NO LINES!

The above pictues are terrible because it was getting dark and the kids were so high up. The older 2 really loved this. It is a climbing structure, and you are hooked on like rope climbing. Many levels and obstacles. They could have done this all day long! Sawyer was a bit more cautious but as you can see Makenna happily walked out on the ledge to ring the bell!

A very fun day as our last day at Mall of America!

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