Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Minnesota Day 2- The Mall of America!

I know there are alot of people who visit the mall and say "I do not get the hype, it is just another mall". I am NOT one of those people. I love LOVE the mall, I really do. Now granted I am not getting to go there to shop, so I can't comment on the shopping part. (so sad, I love to shop, but that is impossible with all these kids, not one of who likes to shop)

My adoration is more of just what it offers. Hungry? Take your pick of ANY type of food you can imagine. Tired and stressed? Just go sit in the bookstore and read awhile. Need a smile? Just go watch some of the kids on the rides. Which is so nice to me. You can walk through the amusement park with out actually paying for it. Need some exercise? Just start walking and you can work off whatever you ate in all of those levels that you will surely be lost in.

Our destination on this day was simply to get out of the hotel. The park was being saved for later in the week. We did take a walk through it, which may have been a mistake as I heard nothing else but we want to RIDE for the rest of the time! But the girls loved seeing the Nick Jr characters with out waiting in lines!

After a walk through the park we spent a bit of time playing at the Lego store. Not as big as the Chicago stores by any means, but you can't go wrong with legos in any shape or size.

Then it was a stop at American Girl. Which started to set my stress level a bit high. This was Sage & Maverys first glance at American Girl and they wanted it ALL. Every little girls dream right? A WHOLE store full of doll things?

Sadly at this point is where my camera battery died, and I did not download makennas pictures before she left for camp, so I will have to add pictures later.

We had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. I was not thinking about the thunder and Sage, so she did not enjoy her lunch to much. But everyone else sure loves the place.

Last we went to Build a Bear. The 3 littles had gift cards unused from Christmas so they were thrilled to spend them, ALL of them. By this time it was nap time, which was a bad start. Imagine if you will 2 tornadoes in build a bear. A fairly crowded B.A.B. Trying to get 3 girls to, #1 make a choice on an animal to stuff. Then to wait in line(not a short line) which is next to the add a sound machine, which made Sage giggle so loud the whole store was coming to see her. #2 Choosing an outfit for each of those animals, in a place that has more outfits than most clothes stores I shop at! All the while trying to explain a budget, and that we can't run, yell, cry, have it all, or stuff another animal. #3. Typing all that info into a computer with impatient tornadoes who want to do it themselves on touchy computers. Oh with a line behind us.

But in the end? All 3 girls got new friends to hug on, and we got more of those crazy big boxes that they refuse to get rid of. Our hotel room was quickly getting more crowded!

We ended this day with dinner at our hotel. Love those residence inn's and their FREE breakfast AND dinner!

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