Friday, July 02, 2010

Maverys heart update & therapy

We saw the heart doctor this week with Mavery. Quite a fun visit. Mark made me leave the room to try and gain some control over her. What is it about moms that seem to bring out the, what is the word, the hmm, well anyways, she was not acting so good with me. The visits are LONG for her. They just did an echo and an EKG but it took longer than usual waiting. Anyways, the news was not that great. There has not been a change since our last visit in December. He wants to go in and dilate the stent they put in last summer and is hopeful that will help. He claimed this SHOULD do it till she is a teenager. But I am wondering how they just put a stent in a year ago and it is already needing dilated and then we will be able to go 10 years?? We just take it one day at a time, one visit at a time and we are no longer surprised by anything. He wants to do it this summer so I am just waiting on a call from the hospital. NOT what we wanted to put her through again at this point, but at least it is simply a cath and not open heart surgery.

We also took her to her first therapy session today at Sensory Solutions. I have to say, her therapist looked a bit frazzled afterwards, which kind of made me giggle. ;-) We are hopeful that this will bring about good things for Mavery, and for us! She will go once a week. It is a bit of a drive, but I am planning to take one kid a week along with me for a date at BreadCo, which conveniently sits right downstairs of the therapist!

We appreciate your prayers for our girl!

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Jodi said...

Praying for Mavery!!! I'll never forget Conner's 2n OT appointment and he had gotten dizzy for the first time. Oh lands !