Monday, June 28, 2010

A Day with Sage

Will catch up on our trip from last week, but that will take awhile. So I wanted to share my date with Sage I had this week. I try to make it a point to spend time with my children one on one, but it is harder with the little girls. Especially to get away with just Sage because Mavery gets so upset. So I had the perfect chance this week. My older 3 had a church field trip for the whole day and Mavery had school. I did not tell Sage till Mavery was gone and then told her we were going to have a special day together and do whatever she wanted. Her face just lit up and she ran around telling the rest of the house.

Our first stop was to the Coffee House in town. We just love that place. So warm and friendly. Sage had a frozen hot chocolate. I forgot to take my camera in, so forgive the car photos.

Next pick was the library. Sage loves to look at books.

Then on to the playground for a short stop.

Her favorite was going to the 'big girl nail place to get her feet washed and painted!"

She could not wait! This was her first time for a real mani & pedi and boy did she enjoy herself!
She thought it was hilarious when they scrubbed her feet and just giggled away yelling that tickles!

I am not sure who was concentrating more, him or her?

Getting flowers painted on.

Pretty in Pink (i talked her out of lime green)

Can you tell she is happy??
From there Grammy treated us to lunch at Applebees, yum!

After that we headed to the mall. It was especially exciting because I did not make her ride in a stroller but let her walk like a big girl. (a stroller is typically a necessity when I am out w/ all of them) We stopped at Claire's, a 4 year old dream come true. Jewelry and makeup and all things girly. She looked at the ear piercing chair a few times but she decided not till she is bigger.
Escalators are also something we typically avoid due to strollers so that was a big request, can we ride the escalators? We rode every single one in the mall... more than once.
We went up...

And we went down!

We went to the bookstore FOREVER to read .

We stopped at the kiosk in the mall where they always want to straighten your hair. She wanted to know what they did. So they curled her hair. Do you see it? One curl. She wanted alot of curls but the girl was not offering that.

So we had a cookie for consolation. Sage is following after Makenna and loves anything with peace signs.

We had a perfect day and I laughed so hard with her. Sage just embraces life and EVERYTHING makes her happy. She looks at anything she does as one big adventure and you can't help but giggle right along with her. It might simply be stopping at the grocery store and picking up a loaf of bread, or skipping through the mall and searching for a pack of gum, she enjoys it and so then I do too. This week we celebrated referral day and I think this day was a perfect celebration of that gift we saw on that day 4 years ago.


MAG1087 said...

Beautiful Sage! She is such a blessing and sweet little girl! It looks like you both had a wonderful time together! :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had alot of fun! What a perfect day with a perfect little girl!

Aunt Bubby

Jodi said...

What a fun day!!! Love those special - unplanned days!