Wednesday, June 02, 2010

It has come down to this

This my friends is what happens when you drive a whole lot of kids around. The vehicles just get bigger and bigger!

We began our marriage with a cute little car such as the picture above. We thought we were so cool. Red little sports car, very fun!

Was not to long and we moved to one of these. Cool right? Till you add kids and travel alot and need to climb around inside the car and perform gymnastic feats to get from the front to the back.

So then we purchased one of these. Which for the record is what I still drive because I am a big baby when it gets bigger than this! But when you add in 5 children, you realize you are going to have to upgrade. Especially when 5th child has sensory issues, and so does momma so the screaming from the back seat are just not a good combo.
So in came this bad boy. And we have loved it. Leather cushy seats, Big TV with wireless headphones, spread out, NICE! Till you run out of seats that is. It only fits 7. We now have EIGHT!

Welcome to the world of BIG ugly vans. FIFTEEN passenger big vans. We searched high and low to find one that fit us, meaning our budget! It is HUGE and we have plenty of room to grow. ;-) Mark will be flying out of town next week to drive it home. We are debating, should we add a daycare logo on the side just to make people think?? hehe!

Someday I have promised Mark we will stop having children and he will get to drive one of these! Ha!!

Till then we are thankful that we will get to fill up these seats, or most of them anyways!


Jodi said...

Love it!!! It's a nice 15 passenger girl!

Mom to my China Posse said...

Hey are you selling your other white van?

Anonymous said...

Love the post!! I will laugh at you when I see it! Haha!! I really love that you have the problem of needing bigger vehicles, I hope maybe one day I will too, but maybe not SO big lol!! enjoy!