Sunday, June 20, 2010

6/20/05 the date that forever changed us

I guess this will be our spotlight Sunday for Sage!

There are many dates in our lives that are important. Mark says that I remember to many dates and how can one person keep track of all those things? I have no idea, I just do. Which is amazing if you knew how bad I stink at math. ;-)

One date is a really big deal to me. June 20th, 2005. It is the day we were officially logged in with China for our first adoption. It meant that we had finished up all of our paperwork, mailed it in, and they had filed us away waiting to be matched to our child.

For months, days, HOURS I counted down. I cried. I prayed. I BEGGED God to get a move on and show us the face of our baby. Every time a batch of referrals would come out, it was based on your LID. (log in date) So, 6/20/05 was a date that was never ever far from our minds. Every month on the 20th we checked another month off. We knew it meant we were just that much closer.

So while February 2005 was when we actually officially started our paperwork for adoption. And June 2006 was when we received our referral. August 2006 was when we met our daughter. It really was all about June 20th, 2005. THAT was the day that China counted. THAT was the day that caused me to get matched with her. If we had been matched earlier or later, it would not have been our Sage.

Sage ChenYi Mae. Our first glimpse of adoption. No doubt in our minds that God chose that date, and matched this child as ours. She makes me laugh every single day. Her personality is amazing. Yes, she is sneaky and can drive you crazy, but then she laughs this big laugh or says something that makes you laugh so hard you forgot what it was she did that made you crazy!
I am still in awe that she is mine. That God allowed us to step out into this world called adoption. That of all the babies in China, I got to be Sage's mommy!

She has changed in this past year. As we went through attachment therapy with Mavery, we learned a few things about Sage. We always thought she was secure and attached to us. And while I think for the most part she was, there were little things that have improved. She has become much more loving. She was always kind of indifferent to hugs and kisses. But now we get them much more freely. "Mom, I love you" is heard more out of the blue, which just melts me.

She is still a free spirit, which is what makes her Sage. Everyone loves her, yet she seems not to notice the attention she draws. She is typically in her own little world and can amuse herself, but is happy to include you in her play. Especially if you allow her to be the boss! She is the quiet sneaky sort. You better keep your guard up, but typically no matter what she does, we just end up laughing. She is also SO smart. She loves to learn and her concentration is pretty amazing. She is competitive, which is a new challege for us in our children.
She loves all her siblings, but she and Sawyer have a special bond. She calls him "my buddy" and she can get him to do just about anything she wants. Same goes with her daddy. One evening he was gone and called home. She said" I can't wait till you get home so you can tickle me!"

June 20, 2005. Because of that date, we are forever blessed with our Sage. Thank you Father for the amazing gift of adoption!

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