Thursday, June 17, 2010

Counting Down to Mall of America!

A few weeks ago we had a scavenger hunt to find tiles. The tiles spelled out a "fun place" we were getting ready to take the kids. They were all very excited to find out we get to tag along on Marks business trip. MUCH more excited than Mark is to let us tag along on what could be a nice, quiet relaxing week for him I think! ;-) But hey, who can pass up a FREE trip?? We have not been up with him since before Sage so we are ready to return. He will be working all day and some evenings, praying that the kids all cooperate for me. We are staying right by the mall. Since we were there last, they have changed the theme park from Camp Snoopy to Nickelodeon Universe, so that should be exciting. Especially if the little girls get to meet Diego! The girls can't wait to eat dinner at American Girl, which is also new since we last visited!
I am looking for mall coupons, so if you happen to have any, please let me know!

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Jodi said...

How fun! You are sooo creative - what a fun way to tell them about the trip!!