Sunday, March 25, 2012

It's not about the money, money, money...

Or is it?

How often IS it about the money?

Oh we would LOVE to adopt, if only we had more money.

Oh we would LOVE to go to China on mission, if only we had the money.

Oh we would love to help out that needy family, if only we had THE MONEY.

Sometimes, I hate money.

Yet, I love money.

It pays my house payment each month.

And my phone bill.

Money allows me to drive my van full of gas.

 It allows me to eat. There is no doubt in that when you look at me.

Or most people I know. I mean that nicely of course. But I have yet to meet someone that has the look of missing many meals, much less barely surviving from starvation.  

Money pays my cell phone bill. Oh and my cable bill.

Things many people MIGHT not have, but most do. 

What is funny is how some will read that and say, well WE don’t have cable. Or WE don’t have an iphone.  Or WE don’t buy this or that.

We all choose to buy what we WANT to buy. We can say we don’t HAVE. But really, we do. 

And so when someone tells me they don’t have the money to go on mission?

It just makes me wonder.

Should it BE about the money?

It is a WHOLE bunch of money.  Almost $4000 a person to be exact.   That is not pocket change for any of us that I know.

It does take work and sacrifice. We know this firsthand in our family.

But the pay off? Is priceless.  

Some will say I am naive when it comes to the money.  That I really do not have a clue.

Well I do know this.

We gave up a big vacation last year for our China trip.  

We cut our budget in areas to put away cash specifically for the trip.

We worked our tails off to do a trivia night, a roller skating night, a babysitting night, sending out letters begging for support, and spent LOTS of time in prayer.

Here is the thing. IF God wants you to go? He will help YOU find the way. Oh sure, I have heard AMAZING stories on my own team about the money just flowing in. And THAT might be exactly how He gets you there.

OR He might ask you to sacrifice and trust and have faith.

Does God call ALL of us to go on mission.

Well yes, I believe it is simply part of our lives as Christians.

We are missionaries.

BUT does He call us ALL overseas?

Probably not. 

Yet He might. 

And I hope that if He does, we are open to His voice, willing to go and able to let it not be about the money. 

I hope that our focus can simply be this. 

 Sweet little faces that wait for people to play with them.
Tell them they are special.
 I promise you, money means nothing to them. But being held and loved on? Priceless.

***No need to get on to me about how you really DO NOT have the money, or that I think I am so great blah blah blah.  Please don't miss the point of this. I am simply a Jesus loving girl with a passion for orphans who wants everyone to experience the joy of this opportunity. And yes, we still have PLENTY of room on Team Chenzhou for YOU to be a part! 


Jodi said...

Amen and Amen! God is providing our son's way home!!! So thankful that God is in control and for those who are willing to follow HIM! Thank you for sharing!

Also, do you have access to "older kids" on your mission trip? Our Youth Group is looking for a way to reach out - and I thought of you - I thought it would be cool if our youth could reach out to some youth in China. What do you think?

Love for Lilly Yin said...

Amen...LOVE it