Thursday, March 15, 2012

Updates on Chenzhou Kiddo's

I have had this blog started for a while and just had not finished it up. During this past year I have asked for prayer, advocated and shared about many different Chinese children. I knew you all would probably enjoy reading updates on them. 

What prompted me to finally sit down and finish writing was reading today about one of our Chenzhou girls.  You might remember her. I advocated for her when we returned. She turned THIRTEEN and her chance of finding a family before aging out at 14, were getting slim. She has been on the list for YEARS. Well, her family found her and what a family it is! There are some people/families that I look at and think, THAT is who I want to be when I grow up! And this sweet family is on my list. I hope you will take a minute and read this story, a story only God himself could orchestrate. The faith that this sweet girl shows, AND that her family LIVES, is such an encouragement.  Fair warning, BRING THE KLEENEX.  I could go on and on about how their story has touched me, but for now, just run over there and be blessed!

Do you remember Makenna’s special baby in China? We have become online friends with the family, and you might remember that they had a 13 year old daughter.  Well they just traveled to bring home their beautiful Lulu and we are just thrilled she is home.

And then here is sweet Ellie. I started following their blog because they adopted a baby girl from Chenzhou right after we came home with Sage, they are the same age. They returned for another Chenzhou cutie that we loved on.

I know you remember our Angel.  It was almost a year ago exactly that I found her file and we wrestled over if she was ours. We searched our hearts and Gods heart. We WANTED her to be ours. But God said no. He was so gracious though, a family stepped up with NO DOUBTS she was theirs the day after He told us no. While in China I was able to love on her and snuggle on her. I have been in touch with her beautiful family. And I have LOVED watching them meet her.  I will admit though, I am thrilled for them, but a tiny bit sad for me. She really did steal my heart. This is the blog for the Butterfly House, where she lives now and you can see some recent photos of her. This family that runs this is just AMAZING! To give up your LIFE as they knew it, to go and care for dying orphans? WHO does that? Thank the Lord some do.If we take our vacation as planned, we are going to meet them this summer! And Lulu and Ellie!!

Last, but not least is my Rosebud.  Talk about being blessed.  I have been beyond blessed by this family who brought her home.  I feel so much a part of their family. They are so great at sending me texts of her pictures, I even got a video of her taking some of her first steps! (yep, it required more Kleenex!)Last month we received the sweetest package in the mail from them with lots of goodies. By far my favorite being a framed photo collage of her that we keep on our counter. Right by my sink so that I can always see her.

Sadly we also found out that one of our Chenzhou babies that we held and was adopted in November, has cancer. I am so thankful that she is HOME and has a family to love on her and to fight with her. It is something so shocking and devastating to bring home your child and find out there is so much more than expected.  I know this first hand. But when we can get over the shock and see what might have been had they NOT come home… Pray for her if you will. They do not have a blog they are writing on at this time.

It makes me think of all of those who wait who have so many things wrong, but no one to fight for them.

Besides our Chenzhou kiddo’s, I have some Team Chenzhou baby news to share. 

My friend Lori  is FINALLY leaving to pick up her daughter. I hope you will follow along with her. Not only is she going to Shepherds Field (one place we went) but she also gets to visit the Butterfly House! Of course the important thing is she will meet her sweet girl whom she was matched with BEFORE our trip.   Not to mention she is a fabulous writer and a whole lot of laughs.

On Team Chenzhou last year was a family of 3. Mom, dad and their teen daughter. Personal friends of ours. They went to serve. They did NOT go to think about adoption. But God… Spoke clearly to them while there that there next child was IN China.  So as soon as they stepped off the plane on the return home, they listened! And they already have a picture of their to be baby BOY!!! Oh my goodness he is ADORABLE! We are so thrilled to add some chinese boy cuteness to our church family! Take a peek!

Hopefully I did not miss anyone. My brain is a bit slow this week. I have not been able to share that our 10 day visitor stayed a bit longer AND had her 3 year old brother join in here. Yep, we have had the exhaustion joy of SEVEN children. Praise God Mark was in town for this AND we all have been healthy. Anyways, that is another whole post I hope to share soon.

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