Sunday, March 23, 2014

A room for a Superhero

My mother is amazingly talented. Unfortunately that talent skipped right on over me and landed on Makenna. Which are both to my benefit, I get out of much of the decorating work! :-) My kids young and old are obsessed with super hero's. So when adding a boy, the choice for his room was so easy! 
 A super hero room for our superhero! My mom has spent MANY hours on this. Painting and drawing and sewing curtains and painting some more. My parents are so generous with their time, $ and talent and we are so thankful. You can just see the loved poured into this room for a boy they have yet to meet. But whom is already loved. 

Makenna painted the letters below. She is such a good artist and enjoys drawing and painting. And as you can see, she is also VERY talented! You might remember, Syler was one of her favorite's from our mission trips. So the fact that he gets to actually be her brother is pretty special. I can't wait to see him finally seeing her! 

Can you imagine the look on Sylers face to walk into this room? We will have a bed set up in our room for him, but he can keep his things in here and when he is ready, he can sleep under the city of super hero's! 

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Kerri Ruth said...

I love the curtains! Where did your mom find a pattern for these? I would love to make these!