Sunday, March 23, 2014

Together Forever

Waiting is hard. No matter how many children you already have, how many adoptions you have done, or how many photos you get. It is not natural to have children who are not in your care. 

But one thing that has done my heart good is knowing that my children are together. They say that Syler is taking good care of his baby sister, and I believe that! 
 When I get photos, I can just see the tenderness that he shows towards her. Notice how he holds on to her, or how she is watching him. Is it not the sweetest thing ever? 
Syler and Mercie will sleep at the orphanage for just 7 more nights. Then they will leave everything they have ever known. Nothing will be the same. The smells will change, the sounds, the clothes, and of course no nannies that have been there with them. 

But the thing that won't change? Each other. No matter how scared they are, how unfamiliar things seem, how different life is, they can wake up every day and still see a face that they know. 

I am so thankful that God allowed this because it has given me just a bit of peace when I think of all the change they will encounter very soon. 

Mercie is young, she won't remember life before us when she is older. But Syler will. He can fill in those gaps for her, he can remind her of their story, because he walked these halls with her every single day. 

My heart overflows with each photo they have sent. I study them for hours, looking at everything and trying to soak them in. 

What is going through Sylers head? Mercie is to young to understand, but I know he knows. And I bet he is counting down. 
I know WE are counting the heartbeats till we are ALL together, very very soon! 

Flight leaves TUESDAY!!! Have a few posts to catch up tomorrow and will link in to our travel blog! 

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