Monday, March 24, 2014

Who's going to China?

The question keeps getting asked, who is going to China this time? On our previous adoption trips we took NO kids. And it was heavenly. :-) It was the right choice for those trips and honestly what our new kids needed at the time. 

But this trip we knew we would consider taking kids. In particular one kid. Who has a HUGE heart for the orphan, a HUGE heart for babies, and DESPERATELY wanted to go. 

Makenna had no interest in going. She has been to China 3 times on mission and LOVES that. Wants to return again for that. The thought of NOT being in the orphanage the entire trip was to much for her to even imagine. Plus she is saving up to go back next summer on mission. 

Sawyer, we wondered. It is a brother, would he want to go?! But Sawyer has yet to travel overseas. He is a VERY very VERY picky eater. Though I know that when God calls him, he will work through that. He is thinking he wants to go on mission, so he is saving his money for that. I do think he will do better on a mission trip over than an adoption trip. To much down time on adoption trips! 

Sage & Mavery.... I really did want to consider taking Sage. This is her orphanage after all. And this trip would be easier than a mission trip. (I will not take her on a mission trip there till she is MUCH older) Plus she is just easy. BUT, Mavery is not ready for this trip at all. Mavery could not handle the flight let alone China!  And to be honest, I am not sure that Sage is ready either. 

So, the decision was pretty easy. Malaine will travel with us! She has wanted to go on mission, and I think this is a good step in that direction. Malaine is the one who knows the kids in the orphanage by name, sometimes better than I do! (and she has never been!) She knows the nannies, she knows their stories. She listens, she bears the burden of life there through what I share. 

This will be her very first flight. She is SOO excited and I am SOO excited to share this with her! I know that she will do great with the kids, and will just be a joy to have along. She is an easy child as it is, and is laid back. She is excited to try the foods, she is NOT excited about squatty potties. :-) 

I have had the privilege of seeing China through Makenna's eyes 3 times, and I have loved that. Now I will see it through Malaine's eyes. I pray that God will capture her heart and she will return changed, as China seems to do for all of us. 

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