Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back to Reality!

Wow! So much for my book long posts that I was able to keep up with in China! Gone are the days of someone washing our clothes for us, cooking every meal for us and cleaning our room for us! We have been home for 5 days now. When we walked in the house looked perfect, it now looks as if a bomb has gone off. Laundrey is piled to the ceiling, suitcases are still not unpacked, you have to wade through piles to walk. However, we are home! Sounds so good to say that. It is good to tuck our kids into bed, to look over and see Sage sleeping in her crib, right where everyone should be. It is good to make a bottle with out boiling water. To lay down on my nice soft bed. To know what I am eating. To just be home.
Sage went to the doctor today. She has her first full physical next Tuesday, but the chest rattle is still going on and it appears she does have a touch of bronchitis. So we are starting on zithromax today and hopefully that will take care of it. She also put Sage on ear drops to soften up some major ear wax build up she appears to have, which she said can be common among asian babys. She did not enjoy the drops, but better than them digging in her little ears!
We took Makenna and Sawyer in for school today, our first day of school this year! They both enjoyed taking in their new sister, and we were happy to see their classrooms and friends. Funny how I was so upset that school would be going on, I had wished we could be home during the summer to let them have time w/ Sage. But this weekend I was SO thankful that God knew once again what would be best, and I was quite ready for school today! The older 2 have a contest on who should do this or that for Sage, and I was ready for a little quiet! Malaine is actually adjusting the best out of the 3, if you can believe it. She is the one who lost her spot as baby, yet really is just being so great with Sage. I should not be surprised, she is really an easy little girl. Sage's personality reminds me alot of Malaine. So our house was actually back to calm and quiet today with just the younger 2 girls. Does not mean I got anything done of course. Both wanted attention and I enjoyed playing with them much more than making myself unpack or work on laundrey!
Sage had her first visit to First Baptist Church Columbia this weekend. Felt so good to be back with our church family, knowing we have had so many of them praying for her and for us this past year.
I am still trying to finish up the travel journal on our website. I want to finish it while it is all still fresh in my mind. I am also planning on working on a packing page, I have lots to say about packing tips for those who are going to be traveling. Just as soon as I can stay awake long enough to type!
Oh and yes, Sage is sleeping great! It took a few nights, but she is back to her full night of sleep. She goes to bed around 7, and for the most part sleeps about 12 hours. She might wake up for 1 quick bottle in there, but last night she slept from 7 to 6 and we got her up for school at that point. Plus a few naps. We have switched her over from the chinese formula to enfamil. She takes anything, and does not mind bottle temperature at all, not picky for sure. She is eating more baby foods, and again, will pretty well eat whatever you give her. She is still not sitting all alone, but can balance herself for a short time. It won't take long. Not that I am in any hurry. I am enjoying this "baby phase" for as long as I can. We missed so much, I am going to enjoy each and every milestone that I get to teach her. It has taken me all day to type up this post, so I am headed for bed. Someone, please tell me, jet lag does not last forever right?


Mom-of-5 said...

Glad to see things are going well. How cute she looks! Ugg-the jet lag-I remember it well. We enjoyed your journey. Enjoy every minute the time goes by so fast. We were talking that in some ways Mia has been here forever...and about how different she is. (A good different)

Catherine said...

Welcome Home! It's great to hear how well your family is doing and how Sage is adjusting so well!

I enjoyed following your journey while in China and will now enjoy watching your family grow here.

What a blessing that you were able to take Sage to church your first week home! I can't wait for the day when I can introduce Hannah to my church family who are already praying faithfully for her!

Congratulations Shannon! God has blessed you with a beautiful family!

Ontario, Canada
LID 03-23-06 - 5 1/2 months into the long wait!