Sunday, September 10, 2006

Welcome Home Sage!

Instead of a baby shower before we left for China, my family hosted a Welcome Home Sage party this weekend. I am going to post a whole page on our website, because I have so much to say about it, however I wanted to add a picture for you here. It was beyond a party, it was a full blown banquet! We had well over 100 people there and it was just amazing. If you have not met my family, you should know that Mark refers to us as the "Big Fat Greek Family". (I am not sure, should we be offended by the big fat? hehehehe!, and we are baptist by the way!!) Nothing is done on a small scale, and we find any excuse to celebrate! I will let you know when I get that page done on the website.
Quick Sage update... Sage started on the antibiotics on Tuesday. By Friday she was not better, so I took her back in and they started her on breathing treatments. Then Friday night we discovered she has thrush, so she is now on medicine for that. Tuesday she goes in for her full check up. Not looking forward to that one for sure. Oh but the ear drops were working by Friday so she was able to see into her ears and they look good!
She is still sleeping great. 7pm till 7, 8 AM. She is getting to where she wants to be held more than she will allow me to put her down, so that is proving to be a challenge with getting anything done. Who needs a clean house anyways. Although, clean underwear are a little more necessary!

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