Wednesday, September 13, 2006

First (or 3rd) Doctor Visit

Yesterday was our first "official" dr visit. Sage did great! She is 16.3 pounds and 26 1/2 inches long. She is on the chart, just on the lower half. Tiny, but proportioned, and she is already growing since we have had her. She said she is right on target... for a 6 month old. Which is about what we guessed, 3 months behind. We know that she will quickly catch up. Although this child has such a laid back personality, I am not sure she is in any hurry to crawl! Rolling suits her just fine, or better yet, mommy carrying her! The dr commented on how good she was and so very inquisitive. It is so funny to just stand back and watch her. As she is checking reflex, looking in her eyes and ears, Sage just looks at the Doctor w/ that look(the above picture look), like, you are weird and I am not sure why you are doing that! She did not cry till she had her shots and then she really cried. It broke my heart, I have not seen her cry that way. I thought maybe by baby #4, shots would be easier to handle. Nope, I cried right along with her. They gave us her shot records from China, but our dr recomended getting all of them over again because we just don't know. She has to go get all her bloodwork done soon at Childrens Hosptital, along with collecting things from the diaper, YUCK! Just to make sure all is well and nothing followed us home from China! She did not sleep well last night, I assume from the shots. She was restless and just cried in her sleep some. Mark is also out of town of course, but thankfully will be home tonight. There is no way he is getting out of bloodwork or scooping poop! ;) by the way, she is not sitting on a potty in the above pictures as it looks but her new bumbo seat. It is lots of fun!

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