Thursday, September 28, 2006

Never A Dull Moment

Sawyer has been home sick all week with a virus. I hate virus'. not that I wish anything worse on them, but at least if it is strep, etc, we get medicine we know they will be better quickly. Anyways, on Wednesday he and I were in the garage looking for something to amuse him. I had my back to him and all of a sudden he lets out this bloodcurling scream. Which if you know Sawyer, you know he tends to play on the dramatic side. But he did have good reason to scream. The deck from our riding mower was leaning on the side of the garage and somehow Sawyer knocked it over, or according to him a wild animal ran in and knocked it over. Fell right on his foot. We, being the compassionate parents we are, stuck ice on it, and figured it was no big deal. By evening he had hopped his way out to the swingset and played, so surely he is fine, right? This morning, it was swollen. We decided maybe we better get an xray. I made a 10am appointment and our day was over at 5pm. Long story short, he did have a fracture running down the middle of his foot. So he is in a cast as you can see for 2 weeks and they will recheck it. They stuck the shoe on it so he can use his heel, but is not allowed to use his foot. They told us to get crutches, which we are having a hard time locating for his size. He is pretty excited so far. Can't run around? Then that means more time for video games right? hmmmm..
Tomorrow we have our first homestudy visit post adoption. nothing like a broken foot to top off the week!

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Mom-of-5 said...

Wow Sawyer that is quite a cast. My kids would love to draw a few pictures on that one. Hope you feel better. My boys would love the additional video game time too !! :)