Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sage is 10 months old

Today Sage turns 10 months old. And in China it is the exact time a month ago we first held her in our arms. How is it that time stood still for the 18 months we waited to get her, but the last month has flown by. In some ways it seems just yesterday we were in China, other times I feel as if she has always been here. She is such a part of me, a part of this family, she has made us complete.
I was sad today though, she is 10 months old! In 2 more months we will celebrate her first birthday. I don't want her to be a year old, I want back all those months I missed out on. She is already growing and changing so much, I don't want that. I want her to stay small and dependant on me! I did not get enough time of that stage with her. Yet I am reminded that though she was not in my arms for those 9 months, she was in my heart and so in some ways, I did get a part of her. I am thankful that the month we signed our agreement to adopt, was the month she was most likely conceived. We began praying at that time specifically for our baby, and I remember I would go through and list each part of her body and pray over it. Please Lord, let her ears be formed well, let her legs and arms form and each tiny finger. At that time of course we had no idea that she actually was being formed and that we had the chance to pray over her through those 9 months of pregnancy along with our daily prayers for her birthmother, and then we were able to pray for her through birth, through her being abandoned etc.. So while I did not get to see her those first 9 months of her life, she was very much a part of me.
Some Sage Stuff for 10 months old...
  • She is now sitting up pretty well on her own. She will flop over eventually, but she can go quite awhile now.
  • She got up on all 4's today! Makenna is encouraging that one! She is fast though simply by rolling and scooting all around.
  • If you say bye bye she moves her arm up and down and says bababababa.
  • Says mamamamama, not sure she knows what she is saying, but it is a new sound!
  • I would like to say that she is still a great sleeper, but for some reason that has changed in the last week. Once asleep for the night she is fine, but getting there is hard all of a sudden. Actually It is odd, she goes to sleep fine, but then wakes up with in 20 minutes for about 2 hours. We knew it was to good to be true. No kid of ours sleeps perfect like she was.
  • Not a neat fact, but she SOAKS through her diaper every single night. I have tried pampers and huggies. We are now onto double diapering with a larger size over the first diaper. I hate changing crib sheets every morning.
  • She still loves her bottle. In fact, I have quit giving her baby food to see if maybe that was causing some tummy trouble. So just the bottle. Which is fine with her. She takes a bottle every 2-3 hours. (that was with baby food also) This is my first experience with bottles and it is expensive! And alot more work than nursing.
  • She seems to be bonding pretty well. I am not sure what defines that "Yes, Sage is 100% bonded to me!" She looks for me when I am not the one holding her, and sometimes she cries for me,. She will let people hold her, she is so curious and enjoys checking everyone out. She does make eye contact with me while drinking her bottles( i have heard that is one of the signs). If you know the child you know she locks gazes with you and just drinks you in. As if she is memorizing you
  • She is still very laid back. Nothing scares her, nothing upsets her. She just takes in life and ponders it all. She is a serious baby and to get a laugh takes work!
  • She loves peek a boo, LOVES when you sing to her, loves her ball and stacking cups.
  • If you want her to like you, wear a necklace! She literally falls out of my arms reaching for you if you have a necklace on! When i wear one, she hangs on to it like it is her handle!
I could go on and on! She is such a beautiful and sweet baby and I just sit in awe that she is here. Our lives are so full and we are so thankful for each of the gifts of our children that we have been given.

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