Monday, September 25, 2006

Hummingbirds, Dumb Dogs & Single motherhood

Last week Mark was out of town all week, again. It is not that I mind him traveling overall. It is just that it might have been nice to be home longer than 2 weeks before he left! But we survived and he is now home. In fact, maybe traveling might not be that bad, I swear if he keeps it up, I am getting a maid! ;)
The week started out fun. The day he left we had a hummingbird get into our garage. That would not leave. I had the doors open, tried putting a red bowl of sugar water outside, but no go. They are just not smart are they? Of course that got the kids all excited for the evening, which resulted in not going to bed. The 2nd picture is my babysitter Megan and Shannon taping the fishing net to a pole, as the garage ceiling is high and the bird was not coming down low enough to reach it. Of course they were not offering to catch the bird, I was not going out there, so thankfully my dad came to our rescue. After knocking out one light, he was able to get it out. My mom called telling me how i needed to go out to find the bird, make sure it had sugar water so it did not die. I left the red bowl outside, good enough.
That night was also the night that Sage decided she no longer needed to go to bed early, as she had been doing every single night since we first got her. After finally getting her down, she woke me up during the night because she had soaked the bed. Believe me, I was sending very good wishes to Mark by that point!
Whenever Mark is gone, the kids are just more wild than usual, and last week was no exception. No one needs sleep, ever. No one can get along. No one cares that Mommy is stressed out!
And then there is the dog. I might as well say we have 5 children, she is as much work as anyone else in the house. She loves diapers and is always able to find them, so I am constantly cleaning up a mess of that. Recently we purchased the electric fence, FINALLY! If you have been here, you know she is always running away. Dumb dog. So we got this fence right after China, and it has been great. Till of course the week Mark is gone. Hershey is out back, and some big dogs come in the yard. She starts to chase them around front, and I am thinking, yep, she can go in front to the middle of the yard, then will get shocked. Well I look out the window and watch her RUN right through that stinkin fence. And she did not even flinch. She takes off down the road with out looking back. I have visions of a dead dog on the side of the road and my kids seeing her after school etc.. So we get in the car as my friend Susan pulls up w/ dinner(bless her heart!) and she rides w/ me to dog search. We drive down the road, no luck. We finally see the big dogs back towards my house, and they are eating something behind a big trash pile. We were both convinced it was Hershey, so Susan gets out to check for me! Thankfully(I think?) they had just found McDonalds in the trash can so we head for my house and there is the dumb dog on my back porch. I guess the batteries on the collar were dead, and that has been fixed now for sure!
I don't like being a single mom that is for sure. I was so tired by the end of the week! And Mark wondered why I was crabby upon his return.
Sage is showing off a cute outfit Megan and Shannon got her along w/ her new glasses. Those girls brought her a whole new wardrobe of very cute clothes! Thanks girls! By the way, don't you love her scowl! And look at those toes, aren't they to sweet!

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