Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Our Chunky Monkey

When Sage first became ours, she had her 2 bottom teeth. She has been working hard on getting those top teeth in. I forgot how miserable teething is! One finally did break through last week, the other one is so close. I was so sad when we first found out she already had 2 teeth, now I am THANKFUL for 2 less times to teeth! Isn't she looking chunky? She is really filling out. I think her legs are now getting rolls! She has gained at least 3 pounds since Gotcha day. Remember she was not sitting at all at that point, she now sits great. And today I walked in to get her out of her crib, she was sitting up, something she had never done. (putting herself into a sitting position) AND,, I walked over to her and was standing there talking to her, she pulled herself up!! NO, NOT YET!!! I am not ready for that at all! I want to keep her a baby longer. I am wondering if we are going to just skip crawling and walk. Yikes!

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