Monday, October 16, 2006

Malaine is Fabulous 4!

I am a little late in posting, Malaine celebrated her 4th birthday last week. It was a fun day with dinner at her favorite place, Denny's! (maybe not her fav any more after she found a spider in her ice cream sundae! YUCK!) Malaine Shaye was born on October 11th, our 3rd and our surprise! Mark had said we were done after Sawyer. We had 2 children, a boy and a girl. THAT was practical, so why would we need more? Hmmm... Thankfully God had other plans, what does Mark know? We needed Malaine and she is such a joy! By far, the easiest and most laid back in our house. Most of the time. She has her moments, but they are few and far between. She is just so sweet and really enjoyable to be around. She enjoyed the role of baby for almost 4 years, but has gladly with out hesitation given it up for her new baby sister. I thought she would be jelous, but overall, has just been wonderful. She started out as our smallest baby weighing in at just barely over 7 pounds. And has continued to stay tiny, as I packed away summer clothes in only 24months. Though she seems to finally be growing! She has not started official preschool yet, but attends one day a week of library school at our public library. (public unless you live 10 feet away from the city limits, but I digress...) She is on break from gymnastics, but will be starting back in that soon. LOVES to play with babies, all about anything babies and her new favorite is "having a baby in her belly, or going to adopt a baby" I am thinking this might come from letting her watch the baby story w/ me, they have to learn somehow right! She is convinced that we are going to get to watch her new cousin be born next month. if not in the hospital, then on tv! Funny thing with this child of ours, she really loves to be good! The older 2 get mad at her because they say she brags. Such as if they are in trouble, she always says, "Am I being good mom" And yep, she usually is! Coming soon, I promise... Pictures from the Family Farm Party, Sawyer is out of the cast but still no running recess for 3 weeks, Sage offically CRUISED down the couch today! And my thoughts on the question, are you done yet? ;) )


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Mom-of-5 said...

Happy belated birthday Malaine!!!
Blessings from the entire Waala clan...