Friday, October 20, 2006

Sage is 11 months!

And sadly, these are the only 2 pictures I have taken this week! I am the worst picture taker that is for sure! It is not that I don't take pictures, it is that they all turn out blurry. So.. I already gave Mark a hard time, he needs to take the pictures, or buy a point and shoot camera for me! Ok, ok, Sage! Sage ChenYi Mae is 11 months AND we have held her for 2 months now! Can you believe it? And wow, what a difference 2 months has made..

  • She weighed in at the dr this week at 18 POUNDS! I could not believe it!
  • She has 4 teeth, 2 top, 2 bottom.
  • She sits up now perfect, pushes herself into sitting.
  • Pulls herself to standing, as you can see, she CONSTANTLY wants to be standing!
  • She can cruise the furniture now. She has no fear. Great.
  • Is still on baby food, though we are starting to let her taste some table food. She gobbles up any type of baby food, at least 3 jars a day. Along w/ oatmeal and of course still loves her bottles.
  • She can now hold her own bottle.
  • Just in the last week she appears to be going through a little bit of stranger anxiety. I thought it was partly due to her not feeling well, she has her first ear infection, but I think it may go deeper than that. Which we know is a good thing. She wants us and that makes us happy.
  • Sleeping overall great. We have nights here and there where she wakes up, but really she now sleeps about 8 pm-7am straight through. She still shares our room and will for awhile. I like to be able to look at her.
  • Can now pick up cheerios and put them into her mouth. This just started in the last week!
  • EVERYTHING goes in her mouth. This almost shag carpet we have, she finds every lost toy in it! And she does not enjoy you fishing things out of her mouth!
  • Still VERY curious about everything.
  • Favorite game is still peek a boo, starting to participate in So Big.
Life is full, and very good. Everyone asks, how is it going to 4 kids. And overall, it has not really been that bad. I think the hardest part is that we did not get that gradual newborn baby adjustment. We got a lively active girl who is on the go. I swear, the laundrey is the worst part of the whole thing! I am drowning in laundrey for 6 of us! There are days that are much tougher than others, but I feel like we are all settling in pretty well. I am much more tired, that is for sure! Remember the 18 months we waited, I could not sleep well. Could not sleep in China. Now I could sleep all the time if given the chance! And on that note, I am heading to bed! Tomorrow we are going through a corn maze, maybe Mark will take pictures. Can you believe we are now heading towards Sage's 12th month!

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She is a cutie pie.