Saturday, June 10, 2006

Girl, Boy or Both??

As you probably know, when we turned in our paperwork to China, we stated that we were open to a girl OR a boy from China. We knew the chances of getting a boy were slim, but we still said either as we felt that God would choose the sex of our child, not us. Because we honestly did not care. And at first, I thought in my head girl or boy. But as the wait went on, I felt convinced that we would get a girl. Bought girl things, called her Sage and have become very attached to this little girl in my head and heart. But every once in a while, i have doubts and think, what if it is a boy? I have friends who are convinced we are getting a boy. One of my dear friends even dreamed this week we got a boy referral. Now Malaine, our 3 year old, is convinced we are getting a girl AND a boy. No question about it. And their names will be Sage and Tanner. There is no doubt in her head that this is what she will have for her new siblings. We are not sure where Tanner came from. But she does not talk about Sage w/ out Tanner. The rumors have started. They say referrals will cover through 6/23. I am good w/ that! Though I wish they would go farther and cover all my June friends. There is also rumor they will be here this week, next week etc.. If trend follows as the past few months, I am expecting to hear on the 20th. That will be our 1 year LID anniversary also! This week would be a GREAT surprise of course! But I can make it one more week. I think! So not only do we wait to see when they come, we wait to see, Is it a Girl, A boy?? How old? Where from? This is my most anticipated ultrasound yet!

By the way, we are perfectly fine w/ a boy. I know that God will give me the child that is MY child. But I do need a boy name!! Any S names out there for me? You know a few months ago i said Stryder. Mark says no way now. The only thing we agree on is Xander. Szander. Zander. HELP!!

And are we ok w/ twins if Malaine knows something that we don't? It will be a miracle if that is what we get. And mark will pass out I am sure! But like I said, we trust God knows what we need and whatever baby we are referred, we will know is a gift from Him.

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