Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The NeverEnding Month

Will it ever end? I have no doubt we will be getting our referral in this next batch. (If we don't, just lock me away, PLEASE!) But now the question is, WHEN?? I have been counting on it coming mid week next week. That would follow the trend of the last few months. Then I saw a rumor mentioned that they might be mailed THE END of next week. That is bad news for us. Mark has training out of town, and we were going to follow along. I REALLY REALLY wanted to be here when the call comes. Being in the same town as our home office means that I can drive over to the office and pick up our package instead of having it mailed to me. And of course we want to be here to celebrate w/ our family and friends who have prayed and waited right along w/ us. I had been even holding out a little hope that maybe they might come early, maybe this week, so that we could celebrate our "gift" on Fathers Day. I am really going CRAZY!! Maybe I should get busy cleaning my house since tomorrow is the update on our homestudy and our social worker will be back here. That should keep me occupied for today at least! By the way, we have come up w/ a boy name, no thanks to help from you all! Well, we have come up w/ another possiblity I should say. But I will post about that later. It was Mark's idea and it is growing on me...

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