Thursday, June 22, 2006

Monday is the Day!!!

Our Agency spoke with their China office tonight and it looks like referrals will be here on Monday. I am pretty sure this might be the longest weekend of our life! But after waiting for 367 days from our LID, 391 days from the time our paperwork went to China and well over 500 days since we first started the adoption process, what is another 4 days?? Eternity, to tell the truth!

It has been a day full of emotions for me. Huge relief first of all. Knowing we finally made it. No more waiting. Well besides the next 4 days and then the 7 weeks we will wait to travel! Tears of joy have filled me all day. God is so Good! I prayed for this child, and He promised He would deliver. To know we are SO close to seeing that little face that God placed on our hearts so very, very long ago.

We began the process of adoption over 500 days ago. But God began the process in my heart, long before that. Even as a child, I believe He pressed it deep on my heart. You may have heard me talk about the stories of playing "orphange" w/ my barbie dolls as a little girl, or the mission trips I went on and the children I wanted to bring home with me after seeing their living condtions. I know that God had it planned that this baby would complete our family.

Who is this baby? I love her (or him!) w/ every ounce of my soul. This child who I have never laid eyes upon, or held, who I know nothing about. This is our 4th child, yet my feelings are no different. Some question if it is possible to love a child that is not "your own". But she is my own! She was mine before I knew she would be mine. She will be no different to me than our other 3 children. She is the miracle of God's faithfulness and His love. She is a gift and we will never forget the days we waited for her, cried for her, prayed for her.

Soon so very soon we will lay our eyes upon our gift. No more watiting, no more questions. Girl, Boy? Where is she from? (yes, I know CHINA, but where in china? )
When was she born? (i dreamed october 30th & I have a novemeber birthstone left in my mothers ring waiting for her spot to be filled??) Does she have hair? (if they go by Marks pictures, i guess NO!!) What is her name? Where was she found?

So stay tuned! Our time is here. We will get the call and go over to the office to pick up our paperwork. We do not want to know anything over the phone. NOTHING!! I have waited this long, i want it ALL in person. My guess is it will be later monday before we get to post anything.

Thanks for all the prayers and support. Keep praying, the plane has not landed yet!

Oh and one last thing... how do you like the new song? This has been our song through this long wait! Just want to be w/ you, just want this waiting to be over, AND IT ALMOST IS!!!

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Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord for your great news. We will continue to pray for your precious child. All our love, The Baum's