Monday, June 19, 2006

HUGE Relief/Not Referral

No news on referrals. Rumors are all over. Some say the site will change during the night tonight, some say they are still working over there. Regardless, we still feel very confidant that we are in this batch. We (mostly me) have been worried sick, because Mark was scheduled to leave town next week for mandatory training, and we were planning to go w/ him. If the referral did not come before then, well you all know the story. Praise the Lord, his training has been CANCELLED!!! We will be here when referrals come, and we can drive to our office and pick it up!! This was such a HUGE deal to me and I just kept praying that God would somehow work it all out. Of course still praying for a referral this week. We are SO ready to meet our baby! Stay tuned! We are planning a 24(the show) marathon so we can stay up late and watch the CCAA website. Not like I am sleeping great anyways!

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