Monday, June 26, 2006

No News Yet...

Our agency should just be opening up now. I am not sure when the packages are normally delivered. Please continue to pray for safe delivery, because you just never know!
Last night I dreamed we got a referral for a 14 month old baby from Africa. She was cute! But not really what we expected! (did i tell you our friends just finished an adoption from africa?) A few weeks ago I dreamed I got a blond haired blue eyed boy from china. 18 months old. Hmmm.. Way back when I dreamed it was a girl, and she was born on October 30th. then another time I just remember dreaming we got a referral for a girl and she was very young. SO... Today, all those questions will be answered. And if i get a blond hair, blue eyed african chinese baby, then WOW! Will update anytime we hear ANYTHING!!

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