Monday, December 10, 2007

Makenna's Christmas Poem

The snow falls to the ground

People cheerful all around

Putting up the Christmas tree

Everyone is filled with glee

You put up your Christmas lights

Then Santa comes that night

The smell of Christmas cookies in the air

A time when people always care

God's son came to earth that day

Even though his bed was hay

So remember on Christmas it's about someone

It is about God's son


Mom to my China Posse said...

Makenna did a beautiful job capturing the true meaning of Christmas! Hey, theres your Christmas letter or should i say poem.


Crazy Esther said...


It's a very meaningful poem you wrote. I am glad to know that deep inside of your heart, you know WHY we celebrate Christmas... "It is about God's son - Jesus Christ!"

Without Him, our lives are meaningless.

Thanks for the reminder...

Aren't you glad that we have Christ for Christmas? I am!!!!

Finally a Family of Four said...

What a sweet poem, it really made me think. I loved it/

Amy said...

That was great Makenna! I am definitely reading that to Jaylyn tomorrow at our Christmas story time! You know she loves her Makenna!

Beverly said...

Very good, very talented.