Wednesday, December 19, 2007

All about our Daughter

I do have "Our Story" ready to post, but it is LONG and so I thought I would do a post simply on Odessa. (we are calling her this till we have her name). We did find her on a waiting child list, we were not with the agency and we have not started any of our paperchase yet. She has tetralogy of fallot, a heart condition that has already been repaired in china when she was a baby. We have had her reports looked at by a heart specialist and feel very confidant that her health is fine. She will need yearly check ups w/ the cardiologist. The doctor told us she seemed small and would probably always be small.
Her report says that she
  • Knows what no means
  • Gives out things when being asked.
  • Is cooperative when being dressed. (unlike her sister! ha!)
  • Is timid and shy(hmmm)
  • likes to play with toys alone
  • smiles alot(just not in the pictures)
  • Does not like to be touched by strangers(GREAT!)
  • Obstinate sometimes

So sounds like a perfect compliment to her Spicy Sister! hehe!

Her reports and pictures are all from June of this year, and I do not know that we will have anything else on her before travel.

We were told that typically you travel about 4 months or so after your paperwork goes to China, so maybe about 9 months from now? MUCH faster than our journey to Sage.

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