Friday, December 21, 2007


Every time a child is matched with Childrens House, a poem is written. Today they wrote Odessa's poem and it made me cry! I think it is just perfect.


In China stands Odessa who has just turned two

She's alone in a room with nothing to do

She plays by herself just her and the toys

while quietly ignoring all the girls & the boys

Her fingers wander up to the "bump" on her chest

Within lies the secret she knows is the best

The angel God sent her whispered into her ear

"Fear not, Sweet Child, your family is near

They are gathering papers as fast as they can

For they know YOU'RE a part of God's perfect plan

A big brother to teach you how to play ball

and TWO big sisters to catch you if ever you fall

A little sister from China she's just your size

This family is PERFECT, I tell you no lies

A risk-taking Father and a stay-at-home Mother

They think you are perfect they wanted no other

I want you to know all I tell you is true

that "bump" on your chest is God's sign to you

He had in His plan to make room from the start

to place this big loving family right in your heart."


Anonymous said...

Hi....Marya or Mariah....these are beautiful names.....Monica in NY

Finally a Family of Four said...

That poem is awesome and so very true. I am so excited for you!

Mom of 5 said...

That is so touching !
How sweet.