Thursday, December 27, 2007

And Her NAME will be

Maveri Jin-Raye Laxton

I have thought the name Maeve was cute for awhile. I was just not crazy about Sage & Maeve together. As I continued to look through baby books, name boards etc. I came up with

Maeve-ry. Mark actually liked it the first time I said it, which was quite shocking. After doing some research on the meaning, we both liked it even more. All of my name books gave me a different meaning, but here they are

Irish Queen

Fragile & Delicate



We are FULL of JOY that she IS our daughter!

I think it flows well w/ the rest of our names, fits good w/ Sage and think it is just perfect.

Her middle name Jin is where she is in China and her last name now. Jinhua Social Welfare Institue, so all babies from there have the last name of Jin.

Raye is after Marks middle name of Richard and my middle name of Faye. All the girls in our house have the Aye sound as their middle name. Makenna KAYlee, Malaine SHAYE, Sage ChenYi MAE. (I am sure my uncle Ray will be happy though to have a child in the family that has his name!)

So, we are glad to FINALLY have a name for our sweet girl. We are still having a hard time changing from Odessa so many times I call her OMavery! HA!

We are still unsure on the spelling though, so we will take your ideas and thoughts on that. If you don't like her name, don't bother to comment! ;-) hehe!

But if you have an idea on spelling, please help! Here are the options we are looking at.







Mark says we should just spell it Mavery, to keep things easy for others to spell it. However, I have to spell every other kids name in the house, so we are used to that.

Thank you again for all your suggestions, it has been great fun!

Mark, Shannon

Makenna, Sawyer, Malaine

Sage & Maveri


Mom of 5 said...

Maveri-I like it !

Anonymous said...

beautiful name....spell it the way you want to pronounce it....Maeve + ree vs. Maeve + ver + ree...not sure which you intend...both are beautiful...good luck...Monica in NY

Anonymous said...

two syllables? Maevri or Meivree Mayvri

three syllables? Mavery Meivary
(like you need more choices?)

Beautiful meaning of your daughter's name for your family, congrats!

Verna said...

Love the name also like the look of 2 e's How about Mayvaree . . . nah, too long. Sure do love working with names. No matter what you decide, it's gonna be perfect. Will get her cute little face in to that header soon. ~v

M. said...

I love it! Lovelovelove. My favorite spelling is Maveri, but I also like Mavery. I don't like Maeveri or Maevery only because it's too similar to Sage's middle name. She is beautiful and your story is amazing! God is so good. Praise Him!

the gove family said...

Beautiful name!...for a beautiful girl, of course :)

love you!

Anonymous said...

I love her name! I can't decide how I like it best spelled out...hmm...this is hard!