Thursday, December 27, 2007

On the 12th Day of CHRISTMAS!

It may not have been 12 days of Christmas, but it almost felt that way! We began our celebrating on Sunday and just finished up. We really had a good time, but are glad to finally be able to sit home and rest. Keeping up with presents for FOUR kids is very overwhelming. Along with hosting some of the parties, wrapping, kids who are off schedule, FUN! Last night as we were on our way home, and EVERYONE in the car was screaming, Mark started chanting, "and next year this will be FIVE!" hehe!

We ended our Christmas at Children's Hospital. Our 3 year old nephew Graham woke up yesterday with a bright red stripe running down his arm. They were in town from Kansas City and got to spend the night at the hospital after finding out he had a blood infection. Thankfully he was able to come home today after some heavy antibiotics. Not the Christmas we had planned with Mark's family, but one we will remember for sure. We are just thankful he is doing well.

So once again we are surrounded in mountains of toys, BAGS of trash, our fingers are raw from undoing so many twist ties in those packages, and yet we are reminded of our blessings. God sent His son to be born for US. And He sent each of these children to us, in different ways, but each amazing.

Can't you just picture another sweet baby girl in those pictures next year? I can't wait! Oh and her NAME is coming next!

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