Monday, December 24, 2007

Name Teaser..

Some more VERY fun suggestions we have had..

  • Safron (from the spice rack again)
  • Sugar
  • Storie (and she DOES have a story to tell, there is no doubt!)
  • Star (very sweet for Christmas and we DO think she is a shining star)
  • Mage & Sage (Mark said, like my dog has the mage, i mean, mange!) hehehe!
  • Shanmeister (a joker, but a funny one!)
  • Maury (which i like, but mark says povich)
  • Summer or Meadow (Makenna's picks and her ONLY picks!)

You all have been GREAT and I love seeing how everyone thinks. Some of you have faithfully sent me new ideas every day and I LOVE that! I THINK we are finally getting close. We have one we are tossing around, trying out. We THINK it is her name, but we are not ready to share just yet. I will say this about it.

  • No one has suggested it, however
  • someone DID suggest a part of it in the comments
  • We like the meaning as much we like the name
  • We do not know anyone w/ this name

However, we will still take ideas! If you hear something unique, send it on over. I told Mark this is our last child because we are just out of names! hehe!

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