Wednesday, December 19, 2007


For 6 weeks now, the baby has been Odessa, that is what the agency has called her. They give each of the babies an american name once they get the list in. We have been calling her that, but we will not be keeping that name. (though I really love it!) She HAS to have a name that starts w/ the letter M or S to follow in our pattern. Technically we are due for M, but since she is almost Sage's twin, S works to! Lots of cute names out there, but we have not found THE name. And we are finding out how annoying that is to not have her named when we talk about her, tell about her, etc..
So we need HELP!! Send us your ideas and remember, nothing is to odd for our family! ;)
  • Mark
  • Shannon
  • Makenna
  • Sawyer
  • Malaine
  • Sage
  • ?????

Has to be creative, if we have one in our church nursery, it is out! ;) So put your thinking caps on and if you come up w/ THE name, I might have a prize for you!


Beverly said...

Morgan, Brooklyn, Madison (Maddie), Madelyn (Maddie), Stella, Samantha, Selah, Sienna, Margaret (Maggie), Martha (Mattie). I don't know anymore. I threw in the B name just in case.
Congrats by the way she is beautiful and a bit stressed.

the gove family said...

Ok--this is so awesome!!!! I am so happy for you guys!!!

Let's name your little lady...I agree with Beverly, on the Samantha (love! and Sam is so cute for nickname) and Stella. I think it should be an S name because she is actually older so the order should have been an like you would have done with twins! other S suggestions: Skylar, Sadie, Shae, Sierra, Sophia (or Sophie)and Sydney.

love to you all!

Barbie said...

I just found your blog through the CHI yahoo group. Congratulations on your new daughter!! She is beautiful and very blessed to be coming home to such a strong Christian family.

I love the name Sadie with Sage. Since they are only 20 days apart it would be cute to have their names kinda go together.

We have five kids as well, the youngest two from China. They are only 10 days apart! I love it (most days, lol)!!

Kristy said...

What a beautiful story. What a beautiful family!
Such an amazing journey, isn't it? We are already talking about adoption #2, and we're still awaiting travel on adoption #1 !!
Okay, and so my 2 cents on the whole name thing; Marissa !

tiffany said...

I am so happy to know who this little ones parents are. I also loved this child the first moment I saw her but clearly you were meant to be her mommy. If she were meant to be mine, she would have been my Pearl. :) Not the right first letter for you all though. We also have a Sophie so of course I am partial to that for an S name.

Congratulations to you all and especially to that sweet girl.

Melanie said...

Hey!! What a sweet story! I found your blog through:

Will try to help some with the name.She's such a BEAUTIFUL little one :)
Let's say my name is Melanie, you're trying to find names with M or S. So Lets say Melanie!!! LOL
I also like Melinda, Marian, Maura, Mei-Ling.... Uhm! there are too many, you can find more here :)

michele nicholson said...

What about Molly? or Sage and Spice? Now that would be original! Or Sloan? Kind of a boyish name but I kind of like those names that could go either way??? She is soooooo precious! Any name you attach to her she will make it beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new daughter...she looks like a Maya/Maia. I love how you have a pattern with the M's and S' would be nice to continue that, plus since she is soooo close in age with Sage (Love that name), it would be better for them in the long run with different initials. If you do not like Maya/Maia...another one syllable name like Sage is Maeve. I think it is beautiful =0)

So maybe:

Best Wishes to you and your family,

Anonymous said...

I really love Mila!
But it is very cute to begin with the letter S because of Sage..

Stefanie said...

Congratulations on your beautiful daughter!
I think you should stick with the M's personally ;) since that's your pattern. I'm certainly partial to S names, though, since I'm a Stefanie and have a Sophie and a Shepherd :)
M names:
Mika (means beautiful scent)
Mattea (means gift of God)

Looking forward to hearing what name you guys come up with :)

Joanne said...

Congratulations on your beautiful daughter! Here are my ideas:
Shayna (means beautiful)
Sasha (my own daughter's name!)
Sabrina (a really pretty name)
Joanne in NY
a june jitterbug

mimifrancoise said...

Congratulations. your daughter is beautiful. Here are some ideas for names:
Margo or Margaux
Marianne (or Maryanne)
Madeleine (nickname: Mado)
Mercedes (Mercie, or Mercy)

That's all for now.

Anonymous said...


Love names, good luck!