Monday, February 11, 2008

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Robert Esther and Malaine making cookies!
Amy, Amber and Megan in need of some chinese clothes! haha!
Some wore chinese clothes!
Robert, TC, Esther, Eva and Davina teaching us a song.
TC, Stephen, Esther, Davina, Eva, Robert, CamLe & Shane

Me with Esther

This weekend was busy but full of many blessings! Along with celebrating Makenna being baptized,(see next post) we celebrated Chinese New Year, which for our family is becoming quite the celebration! Everyone always says our family just looks for things to celebrate! and while that may be true, we DO enjoy a good party, we have much reason for this celebration! China will forever be special to us for the gifts we were given there. It is where our youngest daughters were born, along with many other special little girls we treasure. And after this weekend, many big girls and even boys that we now call friends!

Instead of exchanging red envelopes,as is the tradition in China, we had asked if anyone would like to bring a donation to our party that we can send to China. When all the weather hit, we knew just where we would be sending that collection to this year!

My brother, who attends seminary in Louisville, Ky, brought home a group of his friends that he has made while at school. He had introduced me to Esther a few months back and she and I had become wonderful online friends. I had been praying for some time that God might allow us to have a friend that was asian that I could have a close connection to. For my sake, to learn more, as well as for my girls. As always God's timing is perfect and she and I met while I was praying about Mavery. She was a huge prayer warrior for me and just a sweet, sweet spirit. Well FINALLY Shane brought her home with his friends and I was thrilled to get to meet her! She is gorgeous on the outside, and even more so on the inside. The kids adored her as well and we were all sad to see her go. I look forward to a long friendship with her and We hope she comes back again very soon!

We were also excited to meet other new friends! We now have friends from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Cambodia! Oh and Shane's friend Steven from Virgina, can't leave him out! (who was homeschooled from 4th grade on and SO so polite and encouraging and made me think that homeschooling IS worth it!)

They all came in early for the party and cooked part of the food, which was delicious and NOT your chinese buffet fare! ;-) They taught us a song and were so sweet w/ the kids.

Saturday we all went to the zoo, and the weather was perfect. They tried to go in the arch, but the lines were to long. So, we said they must come back to St Louis for that!

So once again a Happy Chinese New Year, the Year of the Rat! and yes, the girls were happy to have our rat safely tucked in his cage while sleeping here! I know one thing after spending a weekend w/ our new friends, I most certainly need to learn chinese, so I know if they are secretly making fun of us! haha!

(I am working on a flickr account, so I can post all of the pictures, check back later for that)


Esther said...

I am so blessed to have you as a good friend in Christ Shannon. You have been SO encouraging, sweet, incredible, and amazing!!!!

Why do I have teary eyes now after reading your blog....
A joyful kind of teary eyes...

Love you tons!!!!
Thanks for the wonderful memories... I hope to see your BEAUTIFUL PERFECT faces soon!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Looks like a fun time for all. Your right Shannon, Esther is gorgoues and her inner beauty shines outward. What a fun connection for your family and especially the girls. Looks like it was a fun time for all.


Amy said...

Amy, Amber and Megan were just hoping that someone who has been to China might have brought us poor girls some Chinese clothes. Hee hee! Just Kidding! Seriously, I couldn't even find anything red to wear!!! How pitiful. By the way, still trying to send you those other pictures.