Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Our Karate Kid

Mark claims he and Sawyer need a boy blog around here, and I told him he should become a dad blogger. We will see, I won't hold my breath!

In preschool, Sawyer took a little karate at his preschool and really enjoyed it. And while Mark was not against him taking karate, I think he was holding out hope that he would decide he loved baseball, soccer, basketball, something that HE enjoyed. But those were just not Sawyers thing and we finally let him try karate "for real" in December. Well I am happy to say, Sawyer has found his thing! He really loves it and I really love that! Instead of hearing him whine about attending practice, as I did all summer during khoury league, he can't wait for karate nights! He was thrilled last week to finally move from a white belt to a yellow belt, though he was certain I was going to ruin him when they said to have your mom just dye your white belt yellow! hehe!

The one thing I am still trying to figure out about karate(or tae kwon doe to be precise) is this. When you enter the "room" everyone bows as they walk through the door. Who are you bowing to? Sawyer claims it is respect to the room. What? Mark says it is respect to the "teacher", but the teacher is not even watching me when I walk in the room. Mark says just do it and don't question authority. I think HE is worried I might get myself kicked out of the place for not following rules! ha!

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Amy said...

Sawyer, you are super cool!