Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sage visits the ER

Well, we knew it was bound to happen. One can not be so spicy without landing herself in the Emergency Room at some point! This weekend Mark surprised me for Valentines Day with an overnight stay at a hotel. 24 hours of just us time! Unfortunately during the middle of seeing the movie National Treasure, we got a phone call. Sage was running with a wand from the kids magic kit in her mouth and fell, jamming it in the roof of her mouth. My friend, a nurse, went to the house to look at it and thought she should see the doctor just to make sure it did not need a stitch. So we met the Grandmas at the ER. We waited longer to see the doctor, than we saw the doctor! He glanced in, and said feed her soft foods for a week and gave her a popsicle. Thank goodness, I was wondering how in the world they were going to stitch inside of her mouth. She acts totally fine and is happy to be getting lots of popsicles & yogurt! And do you think it slowed her down? Nope. Tonight i stopped her from running through the house with a toothbrush.
This did not happen till after we had stayed at the hotel, so we did still enjoy dinner out and sleeping in with no one joining us in bed in the night! And I guess as soon as National Treasure is out on dvd, we will be renting it to see how it ends!


Esther said...

Praise the Lord for His love,mercy and faithfulness endures forever!

Robin said...

Oh scary! I'm glad Sage is okay and I'm glad you got a night away! They are little fireballs aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Oh, Poor Sage! You know when Kaitlyn was little she did the same thing but was going down a slide with a whiffel ball bat stuck in her mouth as I caught it out of the corner of my eye she had slide down and when she hit the bottom of the ground she rammed the bottom of the bat in the ground and punctured her throat, so we spent a afternoon in the ER with her all those years ago. Sorry you had to cut out of the movie, we went to see that over the Christmas Holiday vacation and loved it. Hope your Sunday is more realxing.


Finally a Family of Four said...

She is a true wild child! Not even a trip to the ER will slow Spicey Sage down though. We are just glad that it wasn't that serious.
It was great seeing you today.
I love your new hairdo, you look like a Rock Star.

the gove family said...

So...I shouldn't tell you what happens at the end of the movie? hee hee hee :)

Very glad to hear that no stitches were needed! You won the race to the ER with the spicy! Don't worry, we are doing our best to catch up!