Thursday, February 14, 2008

US Citizenship & Immigration Services

A good valentines day! We got our invitation to be fingerprinted by the government. This is for our application to bring an orphan into the US as a citizen. They filed our petition on 2/11/08, so that means we begin the countdown with that file date. This is the paper that we were told to expect we might be waiting 8-10 weeks for, after application. I did send in a picture of Mavery and a pleading letter asking that they expedite us, so I am happy that we already have our invitation back. We just mailed it off on 2/6. And our appointment is EXACTLY when we needed it to be, we were worried because we could NOT go before the date they gave us! So on the 25th we go for fingerprints. Please join us in praying that we get this paper back quickly. I am praying to have it in hand by mid-march. After that our dossier (ALL our paperwork) can go to China! Then the countdown really begins!


Amy said...

I'm so excited about every little bit of progress so we can see Mavery smile as soon as possible!

Robin said...

Congratulations Shannon! One more "baby step" to Mavery!!! Yipeeee!