Sunday, February 24, 2008

Love in any Language

If you missed the post to win the garmin and help bring Mavery home, please scroll down! Thank you SO much to those of you who have already given and to those of you who told me you have TONS of time, but are planning to give! ;-)

I heard this song the other day, and while I have heard it before, this time it made me pause and God just placed Mavery so strongly on my heart. Turn up your volume and here are the words.

Speak - and say the words that no one else will ever say
Love - love like the world we know is over in a day
I'm gonna show you love in every language I'm gonna speak with words that need no form
I'm gonna give you what you never had before
You're beautiful and I am weakened by the force of your eyes
So shine bright to separate the truth from the lies
I'm gonna show you love I'm gonna show you love in every language
I'm gonna speak with words that need no form
I'm gonna give you what you never had before
So tie me to a tree and let the smoke and ash collect
No, I won't regret to let love do what love will let
We can drown in mixed emotions or walk across an angry sea
This is the cost of being free
I'm gonna show you love in every languageI'm gonna speak with words that need no form I'm gonna give you what you never had before

This little girl, who has never had a mommy or a daddy or a brother or sisters or who has never ever heard English or seen a white person, is going to be my daughter! This angel, that I have not yet seen smile in a picture, I get to make her smile! I get to show her love like she has never, EVER known before! That thought just makes me weep. What a responsibility but what a privilege! I get to give her things she has never had before. I get to give her hugs and kisses and hold her when she is sad or sick or bored or tired. I get to dress her in pink and put pretty bows in her hair. I get to take her for her first trip to McDonalds and the zoo and simply outside of an orphanage. I get to LOVE her!
Some days it is easy to get wrapped up in the “process”. You just work on paperwork, sign your name over and over, work on letters, make phone calls, write out checks, and checks and checks! You fret over waiting and you wonder and you worry.
I am thankful for these days when God reminds me WHY I am going through the process. It is because HE is holding my daughter. It is easy to forget those days of thinking she was not going to be mine, the days when Mark was so sure I was wrong. But today I am reminded; I ONLY get to hold Mavery, because God said so. I ONLY get to love her, because He first loved us both. It is not because Mark said yes, or because we are doing the paperwork, or because China said so. It is simply because God said yes, You get to love this child in any language; you get to love her like I love you. Thank you Jesus for this gift of our daughter.
Today in church our pastor spoke on true love. He and his wife are in the process of adopting a daughter from Vietnam and things are very uncertain there right now. And this is what he said. “True love is this, falling in love with a child, that you do not even know yet. I did not expect that to happen, I thought you just went through the process and then you met them and then you fell in love. But I was wrong, I love this baby girl already, and yet I may never even get to meet her. That is true love.”
So today my heart is full of Mavery. I am ready, oh so ready to hold her! Please continue to pray with us as we wait for the I-171. Tomorrow we have our fingerprints done. I am encouraged because my friend said it took her 5 weeks in Illinois to get the fingerprint appointment. It has not even been 2 weeks, so maybe my letter worked. I will breath easy once we are holding it in hand! I BELIEVE it can come next week, I really do!
And yes, these are updated pictures of Mavery! Taken in January. Isn’t she just gorgeous? I can’t wait for the day we make Mavery smile!


Robin said...

That is such a perfect song! I pray your 171 comes PRONTO!!! I love the updated photos!!! She's a beauty!

Anonymous said...

I love this song. I always thought of it in the way you described when the Lord placed adoption on my heart. It's so true, we will show this child love in ways she has never known, just as God does for us. I also thought of it as God showing us love in the language of adoption ... Through the gift of a child. It gives me chills when I listen to the part that says, "And you're beautiful ... and I am weakened by the force of your eyes." How I can't wait to look into the eyes of our baby!

Also, I would love to enter into your raffle, but the Chip-in button is not working. I thought I would let you know!


Finally a Family of Four said...

She is the most awesome little girl. I love watching the transformation of these little girls from referral pictures to settling in at home pictures. I love watching thier eyes start to twinkle and smiles come across their faces. I look forward to those pictures of Mavery