Friday, February 08, 2008

What once LOST has now been FOUND!

How appropriate that we celebrate the Year of the RAT and today, we found our rat! (otherwise known as chinese dwarf hamster.) Maybe it was all the talk of stereotypes that brought him forward, hehe! Whatever it was, perfect timing as we have alot of parties going on this weekend along with overnight guests! I was quite worried that this sneaky little hamster was going to make his way to surprise one of our new friends during the night! ha! He happened to run across Marks office this morning and Mark cornered him. Thankfully he still seems as tame as before, even after his 3 month run of freedom. So if he will be in the yardsale, still to be determined! ;-)

This weekend we have our Chinese New Year Party, get to meet new friends AND Makenna is being baptized! More to come on that!


Anonymous said...

Hehe! It was all the talk about him that caused him to come out of hiding. :) I hope you have a blessed weekend.


Robin said...

Too funny!!! Have a wonderful celebration!!!

Our Family said...

Have a great celebration! I am kind of upset he was caught! I was looking forward to the stories of the screaming house guests!